Congratulations to the following students who received awards at the NWOC Art League Day at Wilsonville HS!  Each school took 15 students and each kid brought two pieces of art for an exhibition/competition and participated in various art workshops.  A great day had by all!  

2015 NWOC Art League Award Winners (MHS & MAA):

Kylee Hileman - 1st & 2nd Place Awards (Photography)
Lillian Lowrie-Otter - 2nd & 3rd Place Awards (Illustration & Drawing)
Zel Reiter - 2nd Place & Honorable Mention (Watercolor & Colored Pencil)
Lillie Scarth - 2nd Place Award (Digital Art)
Joshua Layman - 2nd Place Award (Drawing)
Justin McKillop - Honorable Mention Award (Mixed Media)

Students at both Milwaukie Academy for the Arts and Milwaukie High excelled at the 2015 Portland Scholastic Art Awards. There were over 4000 submissions from across the metro and several MHS/MAA students received the highest recognition. The Gold Key art work was on display at both the Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Oregon College of Art & Craft. There was also a grand ceremony at the Portland Art Museum to honor the winners! Go Art!!!!


Lillian Lowrie-Otter(Art)

Justin McKillop(Art)

Hailey Goss(Art)

Jeremiah Montgomery (x2 Art Portfolio! + individual piece)

Kylee Hileman(Photography)

Iris Mooney(Photography)

Betty Smith(Photography)

MAA Art Classes


(503) 353-5843

College Preparation For Students Who Think Like Artists

Jeremiah Montgomery(Art x3)

Adrianna Winter(Photography)

Kylee Hileman(Photography)


Lillie Scarth(x2 - Art & Photography)

Hailey Goss(Art x2)

Joshua Layman(Art)


Lenorah Stott(Art x2)

Joshua Layman(Art x2)

Jeremiah Montgomery (Art)

Adrianna Winner(Photography x2)

Rachel King(Photography)

Sophia Prouty(Photography)