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Students at MAA have the opportunity to take classes through MAA, MHS, and Sabin-Schellenberg.

MHS/MAA Course Guide​

Milwaukie Academy of the Arts - (MAA)

Core classes (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) and Arts Lab as a MAA cohort.

Core classes are infused with art themes, strategies, and mindsets.

Milwaukie High School - (MHS)

All MHS electives, including Musical, Performing & Visual Arts are available to MAA students.

Required Health & PE courses also provided to MAA students.

Sabin-Schellenberg - (SSC)

MAA Students have the opportunity to take Career & Technical classes at another campus in our district. 

Students take a shuttle from MHS/MAA to SSC for these classes. 

MAA Classes


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